Breathing new life, brushing off the dust

It’s been nearly a month since I wrote anything here, and yet somehow I still maintain some decent stats (I had a 19 view day on Tax Day! What the hell) So I thought it was about time I delighted the audience with my musings on two of the newest songs to dust off Some old timey grooves.

First up is Melanie Fiona’s “Please Don’t Go (Cry Baby)” Which amps up and borrows from Martha & The Vandellas last #1 R&B/Top Ten Pop hit “Jimmy Mack”

Although it did make me holler in that way, that an awesome sample does… for some reason the song just struck me as a lyrical extension of “Jimmy Mack” itself. The same theme of not wanting to let go of someone you love. I’m still trying to decide whether that elevates the use of the sample… making it seem like an extension of what came before, or it hinders it.

The Second Song is “Switch” by Jazmine Sullivan that borrows from The Marvelettes “Your Cheating Ways” (B-side to “Danger, Heartbreak, Dead Ahead”) from 1965.

This sample, frankly is the better one. It casts a clear connection with the classic Girl Group sound, with an clear evolution of Girl Group themes, with tongue in cheek references that could have passed equally passed in 1965 (see The Marvelettes own “Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers” for example). And, it’s not a thematic twin/kinda sorta switching the aggressive gender roles of the original song.

I’m leaving it to you, the reader, to chime in this month.



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