The 20 Worst Cover Songs of All Time

The Worst Covers:

1) These Boots Are Made For Walking-
The Supremes (1966). I don’t think Diana Ross was trying to record a 2:26 long joke. Maybe she was. Tell me this cover doesn’t make you laugh.

2) Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While)-
The Doobie Brothers (1975)
This is just one in a long line of offenses to the ears that Michael McDonald is responsible.

3) You Can’t Hurry Love-
Phil Collins (1982)
because middle aged white brits should know when to leave Baby Boomer classics alone. They normally have more respect for Soul Music than Americans. Not always I guess.

4) Stop! In The Name of Love-
The Hollies (1983) See above

5) Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You-
Lauryn Hill (1998)
Hey Lauryn, good form on taking all the delightful lounge lizardness right out of a Vegas-y classic.

6) I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself-
Dionne Warwick (1966).
After Dusty Springfield’s massive towering version, Dionne’s Bacharach Lite version kinda….err…yeah.

7) Baby It’s You-
Smith (1969)
Because you can’t top The Shirelles creepy-horny original. Or the stripped down Beatles cover version

8) Chains-The Beatles (1963) because, yeah I had to snag them on something. And they can’t recreate the soft tension that lies between the lyric and Earl-Jean McCrea’s aloof original lead.

9) The Way You Do The Things You Do-
UB40 (1989)
Ugh. Please click next

10) I’ll Always Love You-
Whitney Houston (1992)
See the previous note. And it became a fave for both weddings and funerals. Doesn’t that say something?

11) Baby I need Your Lovin’-
Johnny Rivers (1967)
When your cover has less soul (and apparently no actual rhythm section) in comparison to a lightweight Supremes Cover version buried on an LP, but you manage to score a massive top 5 hit with your cover. I think you should be shot.

12) All I Do-
Stevie Wonder (1980)
Yes folks. This is a cover. Tammi Terrell worked on and completed a magnificently eerie version in late 1965/1966. I still don’t get how it was held back by quality control. Stevie Sounds like he’s having a seizure in comparison to the smooth creepy witchcrafty glide Tammi lays down

13) I Heard it Through The Grapevine-
Marvin Gaye (1968)
I just have always prefered Gladys Knight getting right up in your face instead of Marvin Gaye’s whiny, emasculated plea for the truth. even though both versions are technically covers of The Miracles original, and Gladys’s was recorded later than Marvin’s

14) I’m Gonna Make You Love Me-
Madeline Bell (1967)
Not as good as the Dee Dee Warwick original, nor as Good as the Temptations/Diana Ross And (actual) Supremes Cover.

15) Love Is Like a Heatwave-
Linda Rondstandt (1975).
…and there’s numerous good covers of this song.

16) You’ve Made Me So Very Happy-
Blood Sweat and Tears (1969)
…I still can’t believe original artist and co-writer Brenda Holloway thinks that this is the better version. I think she’s just thinks that because she didn’t have a big hit with it.

17) At Last-
Christina Aguilera (2000ish). Really? Someone wanna get my gun?

18) You Keep Me Hangin’ On Vanilla Fudge(1968) and Kim Wilde (1987) Like I’d trust anything from a group whose name can be interpreted as “White Chocolate” and…for the Kim Wilde version…really?

19) Ain’t No Mountain High Enough-Diana Ross (1970) for previously dicussed reasons

20) Dance With Me Henry-Georgia Gibbs (1955) cause I really wanna dance with a middle aged housewife to a R&B record.



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