45 years ago today…

Possibly the biggest Camp Classic of the postwar era was unleashed to the record buying public.

You should have guessed by now I meant The Supremes “Stop In The Name of Love”


Recorded between January 5th and 11th 1965, it was the 4th #1 hit out of 5 racked up by the Supremes in a 10 month period. You can also look at it at a rate of every 8 weeks a new chapter in the melodrama that started with “Where Did Our Love Go” would appear on Top 40 playlists, and enough people either liked the groove or were following the story to send each chapter to the top slot on the national pop charts.

“Stop!” however stands above the rest in the series because of it’s ridiculous heightened drama:

the organ opening figure met with Mary and Florence stridently asserting you to “Stop!” and the organs reappearance throughout the song that seems ripped from the soundtrack to a Soap Opera,

“That” incomparable bass line threading in between everything.

And it’s the only song in The Supremes catalogue to feature legendary (or cliche) Choreography to match “The Temptations Walk” or “The Four Tops Boogaloo”

You know what to do

Right hand out, palm forward in a traffic cop pose, left hand on hip, 3 snaps with the right hand: 1) on before 2) you 3) Break My Heart.

(The first perfomance of the song was for the RSG:Sounds of Motown Special in Mid February 1965)

(The first completely live performance was this Shindig “pick of the week” performance on February 26th, 1965)

And in time for Diana Ross’s 21st Birthday it was #1 hit number 4 for the three girls from the Brewster-Douglass projects, and The song that basically financed 3 new Cadillacs and 3 nice new homes on Buena Vista Avenue.

And possibly for better or worse, it’s one of the best known products of American Postwar Culture (along with I Love Lucy and Star Wars)

Happy Birthday super campy 3 minute Soul Pop song.

And in 2 days… Martha & The Vandellas epic “Nowhere to Run” will be properly recognized.


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