Wishin’ & Hopin’

*Another Recycled Post, this time from nearly 3 years ago about the blessing that is Dusty Springfield’s US hit version of “Wishin’ & Hopin'”

I roll thru Disc 1 of Dusty Springfield’s anthology, skipped over “Silver Threads & Golden Needles”…..gleamed thru “I Only Wanna Be With You” & “Stay Awhile” and stopped, and rewound, little phrases here and there, outta “Wishin’ & Hopin”

To give a little back story, “Wishin & Hopin” was originally recorded by Dionne Warwick, and released as a b-side to her “This Empty Place” in 1963. Never to let a song go to waste, when Dusty Springfield was making her first visits to promote “I Only Wanna Be With You” in the US (On Ed Sullivan and other shows) Burt Bacharach recommended Dusty take the song back to the UK and use as her next single. Well she covered two Bacharach recordings at the time, “Wishin'” becoming a US only #6 pop hit, “I Just Don’t Know What to do with Myself” a #3 UK hit, and international smash…..

Besides the point…..

Why is Dusty Springfield’s interpretation so paramount…normally I give my tip of the hat to anything Dionne Warwick records….

well…almost everything…..


Where Dionne Warwick sometimes seems too cultured for the subject matter she’s singing about…in the case of showing affection and a desire to be with another human being…Dionne Warwick seems to think she’s far too good to wear her hair “just for him” or do things he wants to do… She has no experience with having to hope anyone looks your way

Dusty Springfield seems to understand, that fuck, it’s a fucking compromise, she’s been thru this shit too, and she doesn’t wanna see your foolish ass waste time….life is far too short to keep wishin & hopin….

That empathy (and the “Slow Vandellas hit that never was” arrangement) I think is timeless, despite what my ex-roommate termed a dated and sexist song. For some reason I think it was the first time a singer knowingly sang a song of advice for Gay men (Dusty Springfield, being bi or lesbo, depending on who you believe and how you define those sexual categories). Too many a Gay guy won’t get off of his high horse and open up to the fact that, yes, if you really want the guy, fuck….you have to make some type of effort. You just don’t get noticed by just existing….nobody would have any issues with anything, if we just got noticed for just existing…

So yes…basically I’m claiming “Wishin’ & Hopin” as the 1st Lesson in the rules of Gay courtship


The Dusty Springfield version…..If you want advice, you don’t wanna go to Miss Manners that gets her heart broken every other hit single..now do you?

Dionne Warwick lonely hearts role call?

“Anyone Who Had a Heart”

“Walk On By”

“A House is Not a Home”

“Are You There With Another Girl”

need I go on? does the bitch really know how to pass on advice?

And technically, The Vandellas did record a version of “Wishin & Hopin”….well, on TV…as a duet with Dusty…..

Sometimes you can find a moral in your music……



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2 responses to “Wishin’ & Hopin’

  1. Kelly

    Have you seen the new British Invasion DVD set that is coming out next month? The trailer for the Dusty Springfield DVD looks great!

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