Umm, Hit Single, jingle or Commercial

So in a conversation I had earlier this week, I said that I hated jingles, and then said I prefered TV Theme songs. I think I said something along the lines of:

see, Tv Theme songs are in another strata…the Perfect Strangers theme song! that’s possibly the best 80s power rock ballad about overcoming adversity cut down to 75 seconds ever!

And… here.. tell me that this, with about 2 more minutes, couldn’t have been a hit for Tears for Fears or Something…

But like all good debate points that get me in trouble… something happens that changes my stance (yeah… Gemini curse)… So a friend tweeted about something relative to the awesome healing powers of a Coke and French Fries….


Being the 1960s Pop Culture junkie I digged up The Supremes Coke Commericials from 1965…. but ran across a more original batch from 1966.

Starting with this one:

Which coulda totally with no obvious reference to coke and 90 more seconds, coulda been the follow up to “You Can’t Hurry Love”

and then this one:

This mournful ditty even disguises it’s Coca Cola references well enough… til that damned tagline, to be an excellent follow up to “Love Is Here and Now You’re Gone”


which makes me wonder why Holland Dozier Holland (most likely) wasted such pretty melodies on softdrink jingles that didn’t bring them much in the way of royalties.

Fairing a bit worse is Martha & The Vandellas Pepsi spots, sounding more like distaff Jay & The Americans records…. maybe it was the influence of Joan Crawford…. or something


and back in the groove with a Fontella Bass “Rescue Me” Coke Commerical

and then Marvin and Tammi making coke rather… umm… sensual…

It make me either wish one of two things. All of these diversions into making good jingles was used to make more music at the time…

…or jingles just suck these days, because, well, they aren’t consumerist anthem redheaded step children of hit singles anymore…



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