The New Decade and Little Girls Growing Up.

It’s been hard, finding motivation to write about “new” songs in this new year. As said in the post below this, my iPod decided to be the next Apple product of mine that decided to have a mid-life crisis and commit suicide…

So I haven’t had the ease of some random device, some set of programming to spool random songs for me to write about. I’ve had to rely on remembering and getting re-acquainted with songs that I know that make me feel “good” by listening to them.

And I define good in a rather abstract way. It’s not necessarily “feel good” it’s also those songs that make you tap into whatever emotional state and relating your emotional state to the melody and the lyrics that you are listening to. Whether those lyrics and melody are melancholy or filled with rage, knowing something to set or alter your mood always “wins”….

For some reason, at this point, this weird actually “happy” despite the uncertainty transition into a new decade I feel… I related this weird feeling, that as I waltz into my late 20s… my life is

“Little Girls Grow Up” by The Marvelettes (1965, unreleased until 2008).

Lyrics of trading blue jeans and childhood schemes for laces and marriage, and adulthood seems an appropriate subject, add in some delightfully awkward ascending chord changes and… you have a feel good song to make a nearly 28 year gay man feel not so bad about the relative competence of his current life.


Something to stay optimistic about what may come tomorrow, each day unfolding before you with another surprise for better or worse, cause that’s just life.


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