iPod Death, Collection Phoenix rising

So this morning my iPod, the consolidated source of over 6,600 songs I had collected on CDs, and through iTunes, LPs and 45 RPM records and.. well frankly a few MP3s found for *free* over the internet died this morning…

I tried pulling all the files, but the bittersweet attempt landed me with a list of 6,612 songs that over the last 4 years had filled my 30G Apple device (my first in more than 6 years) and filled my life with so much joy, a place of comfort, and less hunting through stacks of CDs and worrying about broken needles on record players..

And All I can say is that I’m glad at least I was able to recover the names (a 166 page long word document) of all the songs that I gathered…

…and wow… from Dusty Springfield… to James Brown, to Blossom Dearie… to Lily Allen and Back to “Granny Rapper” it held a lot of things… not everything “first class” or up to a music critic tastes, but plenty of splendid moments (and apparently a good months worth of continual play) was on a little portable harddrive that I’ll eventually replace…

…not before thanking my luck that I have a number of CDs 45s and LPs still in my possesion and considering backing everything up and possibly putting it in a bank vault before I trust technology again.

But… It’s Alright…
Yes it’s Alright…

I know I can find what I love… and I can keep going and growing the collection, as life goes on…

Now what you say…..

…oddly I had two consecutive dreams about my music collection.. One about how my next birthday party (get your suits gents, get your wigs and furs ladies… it’s gonna be a stylish night) and then my uncle Laurence (long story on how our names are the same) telling me how proud he was of my taste…


Now what you say…… as he used to say…

I long forgot how he used to say that all the time… til I ran across Kim Weston’s “He’s Alright” this year (recorded live in 1963) nwhen she lets loose, in banter with the audience that

Now what you say….

and I know all will be ok…


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