Song of the Year #20: I’m Hip

So this song sticks to me as the most ironic song for me this year. This is the year I discovered my inner cool (apparently it’s been there all along).

But the risk of looking at yourself as cool, hip, and not *common* is that you seriously run the risk of being the biggest monumental douchebag that the world has ever seen…

So… one should maintain a sense of humor about being someone that chases the latest fads and trends, or somehow maintains their inner self identity, knowing all along that they are cool.

So, from Blossom Time at Ronnie Scotts(1966)

We have “I’m Hip”

The girlie giggle and sweet innocence that Blossom Dearie sings with always gives her more comical song interpretations an extra sting, She’s always in on the joke that she sounds rather innocent, but she’s too intelligent to take anything too serious. If she isn’t a soul singer I don’t know what she is…

…because as I define it, Soul Music is always about finding every emotion in each word, phrase or sentence you sing, bringing to life multiple emotions to plain words on a lyric sheet so there’s more than the surface meaning of the text.

And with a wry smile in her voice, Blossom Dearie outsouls a lot of people…

We lost her this past February, and we lost another woman who breathed a warm breath into our living rooms, our cars, our night clubs and our afterhours wanderings through our own brains. Rest in peace pretty voiced lady.



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