Song of the Year #18: Save it For Me

This year I also rediscovered how much I live Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, remembering their trio of #1 breakthroughs as 1962 became 1963, and the genre blurring soulfulness of their brand of East Coast Italian pop/soul.

Their earliest work mirrors a lot of post doo-wop Soul (especially oddly mirroring sonically a lot of Mary Wells first hits, like “You Beat Me to The Punch”) and a lot of their mid to late 60s output was influenced by Holland Dozier Holland classic Motown… in between 1963 and early 1965 They created a sound of their own…

My favorite from their heyday has to be “Save it For Me” which rarely gets attention these days, despite being a #10 pop hit in 1964.

From the “Telestar” rip off beginning to the kettle drums, it’s a good send off to early 1960s pop idioms quickly becoming obsolete as 1964 became 1965 (notably this was the same era in which hefty Phil Spector Girl Group confections started having trouble charting).

It sounds perfectly dated to 1964, and that’s why I love it so.



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