Song of the Year #17: You Don’t Have to Be A Tower of Strength

Now I wrote about Gloria Lynne’s response to Gene mcDaniels massive hit “Tower of Strength” earlier this year, and well, out of a rush I can’t find the actual initial post I did about that song… so oh wells…

Here I go having to start fresh.

Gloria Lynne \"You Don\'t Have To Be A Tower of Strength\" (1961)

So why do I love this song, it’s a great song about pre-feminist devotion to a man, that well, isn’t the standard, he man bearer that is idealized (even to this day). If just being loved simply for who you are (from both sides of the relationship) is most key.

Also, I love it’s early 1960s perky uptown soul feel (the birth of Popcorn soul perhaps) that seems upbeat, almost defiant in Gloria’s scatting ability to the decided depressed trombone figure of the song it answers. For, a few more reasons I like the answer record far more than the original hit, despite (or perhaps because of) it’s blantant dated sexist tone…

Enjoy, and I think I’ll only get to 20 posts for the new years.

Also… if you want to get a zip file/mix CD as a gift of the top 20 songs of the year here at Soulful Kinda Feelin’ shoot a comment.


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