Song of the Year #15:Warning

In the category of best Supremes song that, well, really isn’t a Supremes song is in the “You Keep Me Hanging On”/”Going Down for the Third Time” realm of Supremes Soundalikes (a rare soundalike formula for someone to ape) in the form of an effort by Pat Lewis from Golden World (Motown Records only “serious” competition on the local Detroit Market, fielding hits from The Reflections and Edwin Starr, before he was poached by Motown).

Warning (1967)

Pat is best known for her “Can’t Shake It Loose” from 1966, for 1) being a early George Clinton composition 2) Being covered by Diana Ross The Supremes in 1968 and 3) for when Golden World was bought by Motown becoming by default an “Andante” (one of two women, including Gimme a Break/Family Matters star and future Dawn Member Telma Hopkins) and by default, a Vandella, Marvelette and Supreme…

But her better single release is this bad ass piece of Girl Group advice, here warning a dude of a maneater… I wrote earlier this year:

I like that it’s a bit more complex than you expect, and that Pat Lewis rides it quite hard, the majority of time reaching into her falsetto to establish the “warning” of “Don’t be caught” (totally different than how she sounds on “Can’t Shake it Loose”). Also, another “you know Motown Session Musicians” are moonlighting on this record

Strangely for such a popular Northern Soul Record, I hadn’t heard it til this year…so, here’s hoping that it’s “brought back” in the new year.



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