Song of the year #13: Ain’t Nothin’ But a Houseparty

In the “thank god for Youtube for saving a piece of history” and the “Dusty Does it better” category this year is a live performance from Dusty Springfield 2nd british TV series ( which most of which are lost, due to the fact most British TV stations didn’t think to archive show tapes) of The Showstoppers 1968 hit

“Ain’t Nothin’ But A Houseparty” (I assume 1968).

I come saying this (possibly being a heretic) stating that Dusty Springfield’s live show band rides the song harder, and Dusty Springfield’s natural enthusiasm for uptempo all out soul stomp songs is in full display.

And who would be a better host at a winter dance party than everybody’s favorite Queen of the Post Mods with Peroxide wigs and ability to swing both ways in the bedroom…

As noted in various biographies, Dusty Springfield knew how to really throw a house party… food fights, cocaine (not that I’m endorsing that), my favorite singer of all time Kim Weston slipping on Sardines and flying across a hardwood floor in a mink stole….

…so naturally a hard partier that was Dusty Springfield circa the late 1960s could bring a raw realism to a dance tune about the joys of a winter house party.




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2 responses to “Song of the year #13: Ain’t Nothin’ But a Houseparty

  1. All is not quite what it seems here. The sound recording is from Show 6 of Dusty’s ITV series in 1969. The video footage is from her BBC series at least 2 years earlier.

  2. Thanks! from what I know it’s extremely hard to find her ITV show anywhere.. and the wig in the clip (a loop if I’m correct) is vintage 1966 series “Cathedral” Bouffant…

    Thanks for the sleuthing on when the Audio was tho. One of those songs that makes me wish she had a released Live LP in the 1960s.

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