Song of the Year #12: Will This Be The Day?

In the “tucked under a massive hit” category, also can be be the 2nd song in will the single individual find true love category in this list of songs (I think I’m gonna cap it at 25, because I’m running out of days of December to make this relevant) is the B-side to the massive “return” to #1 hit for Diana Ross & The Supremes “Love Child”

Diana Ross & (actual) Supremes “Will This Be the Day” (1968)

Good morning world, how will today greet me?

So, think of “I Wonder” set a good 6-8 years into adulthood, and a few failed relationships later (see The Supremes own “In and Out Of Love”) and you’ll be, 27 or so, languidly optimistic that you’ll succeed at being linked to someone.

Hoping that each day single passed is one more in the bank for a coupled future. And that it will sincerely surprise you in one of the many daily venues you frequent (your local bus stop, or your grocery store…)

Plus for a late 60’s Motown production it’s subdued, floating strings not overpowering the mix, Diana Ross more relaxed vocally than she had been since the mid 60s ( most other records of the period you can get the palpalble stress that she was under with the constant touring, rumors, drama and preparation for her solo career). Here she’s introspective, contemplative and more emotionally centered than she had been since the H-D-H glory days.

So if you’re looking for a lil “moonlight” for 2010… here’s your daily jam of optimism and faith…



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