Song of the Year #10: We’ve Got Everything Going For Us

There are certain song of undying optimism that just hit you over the head with their undying optimism (and I suspect one of those will be my song #11 following this post).

Then there are songs that are pristine, elegant and sophistcated. Introverted and on so many notes because of that inward focus, all the better for it.

The intimate little nugget I’m thinking of this year is an obscure b-side of the late Dee Dee Warwick’s

“We’ve Got Everything Going For Us” (Mercury 72738, 1967)

In this rather subdued song, we come into an intimate couples conversation about how the strength of the couples bond and all of the “luxuries” and “blessings” of an authentic relationship.

No actual material riches, nor necessarily financial security yet, but rich on the solidity of the bonds, and the emotional connection between two people.

Something of a message that needs to be reminded of our population in a year period where we’ve gotten too used to the physical possessions we dually collect with our romantic partners come in as replacements for actual passion, respect and “deepness” (however you might define that).

Add to that one of those crystalline Jimmy Wisner arrangements (father of another lost goodie fave of mine, The Orlons “Don’t Throw Your Love Away”) that, in this instance conveys a sense of heightened awareness and intellectual sophistication at ignoring late 1960s consumerist values (really odd for R&B of this period) makes it all the more refined…

May we all live a little bit closer to *this* ideal in 2010.



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