Song of the Year #9: You’re the One That I need

The general consensus rock music critics have made about all LPs that weren’t Beatles LPs and/or Made before 1966 was that they tended to be 3 hit records and 8-10 filler tracks done in 5 minutes to rangle $2 dollars out of the fist of stupid baby boomers…

…of course I don’t feel this way. If I were to keep my knowledge of what I like strictly to 45rpm singles (and then narrow that again by stuff that appeared somewhere in the Billboard Hot 100) I’d not know Martha & The Vandellas excellent “No More Tear Stained Make Up” or The Ronettes “I Wonder” or Dusty Springfield’s beautiful version of “Don’t Let Me Lose This Dream”

So my lost on a LP fave from this year is from the generally excellent The Temptin’ Temptations

You’re The One I Need (1965)

This paint by numbers (initially) about how who you should love..

… followed by the reality check that we fall in love with the most illogical choices known to humanity set to one of those smoking, blistering, yet smooth as silk Motown circa 1965 productions, that you wish didn’t clock in at 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

I dare you to find this and play this for New Years… watch everyone spring to their feet…

A good unknown song will make you a hero… you can thank me later.



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