Song of the year #8: Have Faith In Me

We can totally thank Pandora for me getting familiar with this one. Ironically on my “Maxine Brown” Station this was about the 3rd song to come up.

“Have Faith In Me” by Sugar & Spices (1965)

Ironically, since, well this is none the near a blistering Maxine Brown tent burner.. then again it’s firmly placed in that weird place between early uptown soul, Motown (see the sing like Diana Ross/Mary Wells lead vocal influence) Chicago Soul (see the relaxed tempo) and Cameo-Parkway era Philly Soul (see the soaring harmonies taking place of extra instrumentation… it’s a remarkably full sounding little record with little actual instrumentation). Somehow with all of those artistic stamps the song comes out rather unique, with interesting swells of instrumentation to heighten the tension between the doubt of the male protagonist and the pleas for belief.

Oh men… so neurotic….

I feel a little naive that I didn’t know of this song til this year and it’s so great. And I feel even worse than I discovered it via Pandora… I feel like I should hand over my soul junkie creds.



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