Song of the year #7: The Stoop

This year I moved back to my hometown, admittedly in variation I was apathetic or apprehensive about the move, having left for a variety of reasons earlier this decade, vowing to never return…

Maybe I shoulda made an effort to leave the Bay Area…

One of the reasons I left is because East Palo Alto didn’t feel like the place I grew up in… it lost its history. There’s no “there” there anymore, at least for me..


Then around the same time I hipped myself to Little Jackie… electro-retro soul singer and the CD The Stoop and the lead track, also called “The Stoop” reminded me of the hometown I used to have, and the beauty that was my backdrop of my childhood and adolescence.

This stoop is my throne, this hood is my home and the sky is always blue ‘bove the brownstone. We in Brooklyn.. ain’t no Beverly Hills, basically we pay bills, then chill reminds me of any hood, of any reality not steeped in the non fiction of what is popular in pop culture..

…something many neighborhoods have seem to have forgotten. Something I don’t feel about San Francisco or the Peninsula anymore, places where people are arrogant and smug about the theoretical superiority of a place.

I long to find a place where I feel like my neighborhood makes me feel alive again with all of the sensory joys of living life like Jackie’s Brooklyn… everything old school (this song samples the excellent Joytones “This Love That I’m Giving You” from 1965) still has a place in the modern world.

You can consider that lilting piece of cotton candy song 7 1/2 of the year.


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