Song of the Year#3: Is there anything that I Can Do?

Sometimes you remember a song that came into your life years ago, and it never had any real relevance until a certain point in your life. I think that’s how I feel about song #3 I’m thinking of this year.

From The Four Tops Second Album
“Is There Anything That I Can Do? (1965)


It’s odd because I can’t find a free source of the song anywhere on the internet, kinda sad for such an awesome Album track from what is honestly the most classic LP of The Four Tops Studio Career at Motown (after this their albums languished in an odd mix of intriguing filler until the Yesterdays Dreams LP).

A Scant 2 months ago I described the song as this:

Oh the realizations when you wake up to a bright sunny fall morning, that oh so awesome relationship you have concocted in your head, oh… isn’t really. Then you pour yourself a bowl of Cheerios, and you realize as you scratch your balls, oh yeah, umm, if I had someone, like that beautiful person that would fill your life with as much glee as you have in your dreams… how you’d be a little bit more content. Basically look at this as an equal to the sunny sadness given to us on an adjacent Motown Album (More Hits By The Supremes) on a song called “The Only Time I’m Happy” The misty region of ones mind is a spectacular place to play out the most wonderful alternate realities. Living in ones head didn’t get much more awesome.

And I don’t think my assessment has changed much, other than I just feel a deeper connection with it as Fall has drug on into almost winter, and now my bed is cold, and I rely on a furnace for heat….

… how awesome my own dull life would be, if someone would sit across the table from me….


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