Song of the Year #2: I Wake Up Crying

Ok, so maybe this year I listened to a lot of really overly emotive Burt Bacharach Songs… and this Doomer and Gloomer is probably my favorite “go to my room and sleep and cry and sit in my underwear and eat Cheerios and cry some more” songs of the year (We all have favorites of this genre… to go along with our favorite binge activity)

From late 1961, Chuck Jackson’s “I Wake Up Crying” (R&B#13 Pop #59, 1962)


This song was the follow-up to his first hit “I Don’t Wanna Cry”… Well… seems like Chuck had no choice in the matter by the time the next song rolls through. Just like the rest of us, no matter how much we wish to avoid emotions, at some point if we deny them they crash over us like a tidal wave…

What I like the most about the song is how the song starts off in a creeping crawling “I don’t want to get out of bed because the sunlight and the daytime are too painful” tempo, and by the middle of the song everything builds to an epic depression swell of bongos and strings and Chuck Wailing “Don’t, Don’t leave me sad and loooonely”

I promise that I’ll pick something a bit more optimistic and less Burt Bacharach for song #3


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