Songs of The Year #1: “Who Gets The Guy”

So instead of doing a major “let me remember all of songs that hit me like a ton of bricks and are my favorites of 2009” post closer to New Years I’ll probably do 10 or 15 posts over the next 3 weeks about songs that I’ll always associate with 2009.


The first song is Dionne Warwick “Who Gets The Guy” from her LP Very Dionne. It was also the last single she released before departing Scepter Records after 9 years of countless hits and classics to be adrift at Warner Brothers for 3 years, add an “e” to her last name at the advice of Astrologer Linda Goodman and well, just didn’t produce anything of note til her duet with the Spinners.

Dionne Warwick \"Who Gets The Guy\" (1970)

And here comes the point where you ask “Why Larry do you love this song”

And I have to say that I love how visual the lyrics are. Every time I listen to the song I see a forlorn girl/guy coming home to an empty apartment, being in a relationship with someone being “neither here nor there” for say… 2 years… and one of countless romantic comedies of cinema comes on… you know, those movies that make us have unrealistic standards of romance, and you start imagining yourself as the leading lady/guy and wonder if you yourself “get the guy” at the “end of the show” (like every happy ending, we all want one for ourselves in real life).

This song is every Saturday night in with me watching 13 going on 30, Bell Book and Candle or All Over The Guy summed up in 3 minutes and 21 seconds. I only watch those movies because I can dream through them and wish those happy endings would… someday, apply to my own life.

Add to that clever wordplay in Hal Davids lyrics, typical lazy jazz/soul/pop shmaltz of late 1960s Bacharach classics, and Dionne Warwick genuinely curious, bemused, worried, yet somehow apathetic and aware that happy endings don’t, almost never come true, but… the last

“Can’t you see I need you, I just has to be me….”

is the most heartbreaking croak of optimism in her career…

……fitting given that this is the last single before she ventured away from smaller more “family” orientated Scepter Records into the big bad world of major labels, lawsuits, and a nearly decade long period of major artisitc disappointments and few highlights.

Love this song…



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5 responses to “Songs of The Year #1: “Who Gets The Guy”

  1. so my new year’s resolution this year is that i have a different resolution or challenge each week. one of the week’s resolutions is that i should have a list of 7 songs, and for an entire day i must listen to one of the songs and that song only, all day, and the songs must be chosen by other people. i figure you have the knowledge of soul/motown/doo wop, etc, to pick out a nice juicy one that may or may not drive me totally batshit insane. suggestions?

  2. If we’re looking at Motown/Soul Male records this year, the ones I’ve been really into are primarily Four Tops songs. “Is There Anything Else I Can Do” (from their “Second Album” LP, 1965, I’ll email it to you) is a delightful slice of lyrical 3 minute romantic comedy of the nice guy dreaming of a perfectly normal girl and the fulfillment of relationships. The other that I’d recommend would be their unreleased “Clip My Wings” which makes love and such sound like you are being Shackled to doom and castration.

    On the girl end of stuff, I’d probably recommend the James Bond Girl-Esque (if she was a black chick in 1964) “Trust In Me” by Jackie Ross (based on the element that she’s a lying cheater that gets away with murder…

    yeah, we all want a man that we can walk all over)… and….wait for it…

    “I’m Coolin’ No Foolin” by Lesley Gore (same year).

    You might also wanna check Jerry Ganey’s “Just a Fool”

    Or Clydie King’s “Missin’ My Baby” to get deeper into Blue eyed soul and/or Phil Spector rip offs

  3. BTW Noodles, when is the Circus coming back to town?

    • ugh, i don’t know. i’m finally not working 7-8 shifts a week, and now i have that weird decompressing mentality. which is great for lazing on my ass in my free time, but not great for, well… just about anything else. i’ve got some great material about how nornorcal (yes, i did just further segment norcal) and southern oregon (soregon?) want to secede and start some militia controlled republic called “jefferson state”, and about this guy that apparently wrote a whole book about how he thinks safe sex is a joke, because he doesn’t practice it and he never got AIDS. i just have to motivate. i didn’t even go to berkeley when kirk cameron was handing out his reworked version of “origin of the species”, how could i miss that?

  4. Well if it makes you feel any better, I’ll get you a copy for that random Christian holiday appropriated from pagans thingy in like 13 days… so you can rip on it. And they’re still talking about the State of Jefferson….

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