Cooking with Irma

There’s something about Irma Thomas’s voice, and her output from 1959 through 1966 that makes the time stirring pots over the stove and waiting for cakes and pies to finish a fun time….


…maybe because she always sounded to me like someone that sang songs of pleasures, joy, pain, and sorrow while cooking food… the complexity of emotion pouring out of mouths, into speakers, into your brain, back out of your mouth as you sang along….


and somehow that found its way into the delicious food you cook.

I almost have to always have music turned to something I feel, that I can zone out and space out along to as I cook (cooking being my therapy, my release, my mediatation) and there’s something complex about Irma’s voice…at the same time smooth and aloof yet gritty and in your face, evasive, but omnipresent at the same time….


…since there’s a pot a boiling I’m just gonna tell you to create an Irma Thomas Channel on Pandora, and hope that it gives you in rapid succession “Break-A-Way” “It’s Starting to Get To Me Now” “Two Winters Long” and “Look Up (Whenever)” and tell me…. that sweet potato pie doesn’t up and slap ‘ya mamma tomorrow…

Live life in complexity, and be thankful for every different emotion pulsing through you.


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