Ridiculous Moment in Soul#1: Centipede

There are a few select soul songs that you can always go back to and wonder 1) Why the hell am I listening to this song 2) Why can’t I come to grips that I actually enjoy this song cause 3) It really makes me worry about my mental stability if I love this song.

My biggest guilty pleasure has to be my first: Rebbie Jackson’s “Centipede” (R&B#4 Pop#24, 1984).


To Be honest I remember the video to this song being extremely scary to me when it was on MTV during the mid 1980s, with the random Cobra and Centipede and lighting bolts coming out of the palms of the eldest Jackson Daughter. It’s taken the intervening 25 years for me to try to make sense of what the hell the song is actually about…

25 years later I’m still waiting for the meaning to finally hit me. It’s a shame that Michael Jackson could give Diana Ross the semi-logical “Muscles” but gave this illogical peace of 80s R&B/Sync/Funk ridiculousness to his big sister.


Not tho think of the foolish people in clubs back in ’84 trying to do “The Centipede” like… can someone teach me how to do the dance.

Disclaimer: I do not take any responsibilities for any seizures or medical conditions that might occur from watching this video. If you die laughing, funeral expenses can be billed to the Jackson estate.


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