Sonic Memories that Stick with you #2

Tonight I remember how I fell in love with Dee Dee Sharp’s (yup, the Philly Dance Queen boxed up in her own Mashed Potatoes) Uptown Soul Masterpiece of simplicity “I Really Love You” (Cameo 375, 1965)


It’s one of those songs I love because of an Oldsmobile and a Delco Radio…

this time it was 2005… and the Oldsmobile was my own… and I was in the stages of realizing my 2nd real relationship was falling apart…. and I was driving home, realizing that things were coming to an end… swooping on the MacArthur Freeway when that harp came in…

…. hand to the volume button…

The strings swirling from the parcel shelf speakers….

“… I Really Love you… baby baby yes I do….”

words my recently turned 23 year old mouth in reality couldn’t express to a man I loved… so basic so simple…

“I can’t get used to… not having you to… take me out on a date”

Umm yup…

“sugah, sugah, wouldya wouldya tell me where I’ve made my mistake”

Things a 23 year old gay boy, really in love but having a hard time finding the words to express the sentiment…

windows down, volume up… for 2 minutes and 50 seconds Oakland got to know that I really loved someone about to walk out of my life… through the words of Philly’s dance queen trying to also… break out of a box of dance hits like “Mashed Potato Time” and “Do The Bird”

like this songs #78 pop listing… it seems that music fans weren’t convinced during the fall of 1965… just as my ex probably wasn’t convinced my last ditch attempts at being more emotionally vulnerable worked during the fall of 2005.

But love songs rarely get any better….


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