Songs I Think Should go die #2

Up on the chopping block is another Motown #1 Chestnut:

Marvin Gaye’s across the board smash version of “I Heard It Through The Grapevine.”


My distaste of this song goes deeper than that of The Temptations “My Girl” because, along with it being significantly overplayed in pop culture, I also have never really liked the production. Nor Marvin Gaye’s performance.

Because Marvin Gaye is like. the ultimate pussy on this song. After being not exactly the most demanding, *Manly* Man on a number of songs leading up to this song (Note “You” from 1967 and “Chained” from 1968 which weirdly to me sound like Martha & The Vandellas cast offs after “Love Bug Leave My Heart Alone” did ok for them) and his plea to know whether the gossip is true, well, makes him sound weak(er) and totally pussy whipped… and a bit dumb… like…if the rumors and gossip are true, Marv, why not just save face instead of being so goddamned tortured….

…. or you can just get up in homegirls face like our gurl Gladys did when her man was running the game on her and all of Detroit was talking about that mess on her version… you know.. that #2 pop hit and grammy nominated version from 1967 with the awesome double piano playing and vocal gymnastics… that totally kicks ass

if Gladys isn’t being a pussy about the gossip… why are you?

Yeah… it’s obvious one of the reasons I really don’t like Marvin Gaye’s version has more with the fact that I can identify with the sentiment that Gladys has: Hurt, devastated, angry as hell and ready for a fight.

I’d rather kick ass than sit in a corner and cry… it seems more productive.


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