Buried Beneath the Wall of Sound: Darlene Love

Every December 24th, David Letterman invites Darlene Love, radiant in her now 68 years of age to lay into what… to me is still the greatest song about Christmas loneliness and yearning “(Christmas) Baby Please Come On Home”


There’s a reason why. If that were her only legacy, that megawatt raw performance (ironically produced in July, 1963….) which verges on a psychological breakdown in music if there ever was one, hits the core of everyone who never ever wants to be separated from the truest gift of Love and Affection during that season… that season of artifice and gift giving… instead of showing love and affection…

Highly appropriate that her stage name is Love huh?

You should know by now that she was the voice on The Crystals #1 hit “He’s A Rebel” and it’s follow up, the most awesome ode to broke dudes “He’s Sure The Boy I Love”

She also was a session singer on everything from Irma Thomas to Elvis to possibly being buried in every hit Phil Spector produced past the summer of 1962 it seems. She also graced the livingrooms of America on Shindig with awesome covers of current hits…

Like this clip of The Blossoms holding it down on The Velvelettes “Needle In a Haystack”

she laid down some awesome Northern Soul (“That’s When The Tears Start”)…. she walked away from it all for awhile…

…. and returned as Lt. Murtaugh’s wife… mad ass hell about a damaged Olds Cutlass Cruiser Station wagon in the Lethal Weapon series of movies.

The voice of a soul survivor… should she be in your town singing the joys of Phil Spectors A Christmas Gift For You in your town with her fellow survivor of the Wall of Sound Ronnie Spector… you owe yourself to sit front and center and understand why so many people attach emotion to a season in life.

through Darlene Love, you’ll learn a little about what she knows alot about… it’s in her last name


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