Soulful Wallpaper

Ok, so I’m one of those people that’s totally junkie obsessed with Mad Men, the awesome AMC series about Madison Avenue Advertising men and their dysfunctional early 1960s lives (Think McMahon & Tate from Bewitched without the slap stick humor…)


And of all recent things that they have done is a tie in on iTunes that details what then current music would the major players be listening to in 1962-63 on their transistor radios in their cars, and homes as they carried out life…

There are some quite awesome passing of the guard soul classics, from Dinah Washington’s “This Bitter Earth” to Mary Wells lamenting about being “Your Old Standby” (an odd choice given that this is an East L.A. Chicano soul classic more than something that, frankly Peggy Olson would have been attached to… a better bet would have been Maxine Brown’s “Ask Me”)…

But intriguing nonetheless is to think about how, as the value systems of the late 1950s were falling apart more, how R&B music was morphing into a higher social consciousness as “Soul” music.

A more sophisticated, nuanced form of musical expression than its roots in R&B, Country, Gospel and Jazz… coming above board and being “socially acceptable” even in that bastions of Post-war bastions of conservatism such as Madison Avenue. It’s interesting to think of the Draper family having The Miracles I’ll Try Something New lp amongst the Dean Martin and Anita O’Day.


Weird to see the seeds of pop culture upheaval portrayed so subtly…


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