Soulful Movie#1: Grace of My Heart

When I think of a movie I love to watch again and again because of it’s music there is no movie that isn’t a traditional musical that I love more than Grace of My Heart(1996)


The movie is basically a pastiche of the people associated with the Brill Building Pop/R&B music that came out of New York in the late 1950s (the years after the beginning of Rock & Roll and Mitch Miller Pop) and the early 1960s (The years before The British Invasion, Motown, Folk Rock and Psychedelia).

Blend together Carol King, Ellie Greenwich and Cynthia Weil and you get Denise Waverly

Blend Gerry Goffin, Jeff Barry, and Barry Mann and you get Howard Cazsat

Blend Leiber and Stoller, Phil Spector, and Jerry Wexler and you get Joel Milner…

You blend The Shirelles, The Crystals, The Dixie Cups and The Chiffons and you get their doppelganger girl group The Luminaries in the movie…

even the “hits” they have in the movie are cute imitations of familiar girl group classics.

It’s a rare movie that actually gives credit to a time in pop music that due to the lack of White Heterosexual male normativeness of it’s performers (Elvis was in the Army, The Beatles still covering, ironically Brill Building Songs in Liverpool) as a productive and fruitful time in American Pop culture (The maturing dreams of 1950s post war idealism, the burgeoning independence, intelligence and celebration of individual gifts that weren’t allowed since World War II, and the realities that 1950s/1960s “Camelot” idealism wasn’t something that could be substained.. everything changes).

Frankly it’s possibly the best movie representing how R&B music actually worked in the past (with exception of possibly Ray). Light years ahead of Dreamgirls It’s a more enjoyable movie, with actual good pop songs…

Get to “know” some unsung heros… it’s like a $1.65 on Amazon…


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