Songs that I think should go die: #1

I’m jumping into it and going for Motown Chestnut “My Girl” by The Temptations.


I hear the calls for my head to be chopped off by every baby boomer and everyone that has a cursory love for soul music…

But before I’m lead to my credibility death…. let me set up my defense that overplay=overkill=this can kill a once good song and make it a tired piece of pop history.

Example A: What other Temptations song can you name off the top of your head. Considering they were the 2nd most charted act at Motown behind The Supremes during the 1960s, a few other songs should come to your mind (like their other #1 Pop hits “I Can’t Get Next To You” or “Just My Imagination”)

Example B: How many times on TV, in a Movie, like, anywhere besides a dedicated music space have you heard this song? I think the average for most americans that aren’t a part of the Aryan nation and avoid all things related to minorities, by the age of 25 you would have heard at least portions of this song about 5,643 times.

Example C: It’s not Smokey Robinson’s most clever work. At All. It’s a straightforward ballad with an interesting bass intro. And that’s about it. The Temptations would actually record more interesting ballads about the pleasures of coupledom written by Smokey Robinson, like… with the next single… “It’s Growing” (maybe I’m just a sucker for “odd” musical gimmicks like the stark piano entry on that song and… well… metaphors… like I always kinda giggle at the fact that the “growing” metaphor can also mean this guy is totally also getting a boner).

So, to finish off my insult to what just about everyone will say is the #1 most important Motown Song ever… I’m gonna advocate for it’s follow up (rival) by posting a Youtube video of that song instead.


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