Moments in Soulful Shame: #1

My friend D’d once said about the following song:

“B-A-B-Y MA-MA….. this goes out to all my baby mommas….I got love for all my baby momma”

……musical genius that was ……..on planet opposite

Once upon a time (The 1950s) there was no pop, or as far as I know, R&B (maybe a few straight up blues numbers, just maybe) about illegitimate pregnancy. Then came songs like Diana Ross & The Supremes “Love Child” and The Lovelites “How Do I Can My Mom and Dad” that talked about the risk/possibility and/or realities of being knocked up… with a healthy dose of shame…

That was the late 1960s… by the early part of the 21st century… we had flat out solid gold hits about being proud of having to worry about child support payments and have 4 kids by 3 different men.

Thank you, American Idol Winner Fantasia for this brilliant piece of American culture going down the tubes. Here’s hoping that now that she has a steady stream of royalty payments… she’ll be staying off of welfare….


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