…What Motown Star are You?

So you know those useless Facebook quizzes that we use to burn time in our mundane lives?

“What State Should you really live in?”
(Thank you California is quite awesome, I have no desire to live in Alabama)
” What type of man do you need?”
(a Comedian, umm yeah, I’ll take one with Dane Cook’s ass but not his sense of humor)


“What will your time of death be?” (Thankfully I’m outliving the rest of you fuckers that’ll die 12/21/2012 and making it to some point in 2016).

So imagine this Motown Junkie’s *GLEE* when the “What Motown Star Are You” Quiz rolled through my options in my live feed.

My Result?

Thomasina Montgomery… Better known as Tammi Terrell.


One spends alot of time on the internet doing useless things, and I’m sure this mini quiz on Facebook has no consequence on who I really am…

But I don’t know why I was so flattered by the result. Motown’s tragic angel (versus, say, being Florence Ballard, the wounded princess/queen …or David Ruffin the self destructive prince).

But when I think of the Tammi Terrell songs that I love, from her work at Specter/Wand ( The hazily dreamy gothic 12/8 masterpiece “Sinners Devotion”) through her unreleased pure gold like “All I Do is Think about You” There’s a weird combination of elements in her voice

The playful giggle, the near perfect, almost Dinah Washington like nasally diction, the inordinate amount of sass and vulnerability, the striving for notes (mostly) out of her range…

I note that the two songs of hers that immediately sprung to my mind to mention were songs of hers that merge dark, moody emotions, with giddy glee…

…as if she was meant to be some kinda mystical voodoo creature in Pop culture. How could something so beautiful and young be mixed and mired in such tragedy.

So, thank you, random Facebook quiz, for aligning me with someone that blurs the lines between beauty and tragedy. I kinda like inhabiting that zone myself.

And having Marvin Gaye as your platonic lovemate on vinyl is quite an awesome thing too.


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